Honestly it might be easier to list what DOES belong to me. My suffering and regrets?

I "repurposed" as much as I could from Homestuck and the mspaintadventures.com site to put this story together. It couldn't have been made otherwise, not least - but not only - because I don't have the skill to make art assets of my own. (Or flash animations, for that matter.)

The news articles are fake, and represent my best guess about a conceivable future of Homestuck capitalism.

The mass of ideas, art, etc belongs to Andrew Hussie, creator of Homestuck and a bunch of other stuff. Other credit notes can be found on the MSPA Credit list here. A lot of people put a lot of effort into making Homestuck the unwieldy behemoth it has mutated into, and I am absolutely none of them.

(PS. I totally traced that first frog picture too, although I couldn't find the original source to link it. Basically I am p much entirely superfluous as regards this project.)

(PPS. Getting paid for anything whatsoever on this site remains a thing that isn't happening to me.)

011447: Yes, of course I am making Homestuck characters say Pratchett quotes for my amusement. Wouldn't you?

011449: I am not sure why this youtube video exists, but I AM sure it belongs here.

011456: The time travel effect is from [S] Collide and made by tumblr user toastyhat. Source is here.

011472/011473: ibid.

011518: The volume/instruction icons and text box shape were borrowed from [S] Kanaya: Return to the Core. The wind is from page 001982.

011525: blind girl has nice ass?!??!

002970retcon: Mostly I took everthing from the original. John's battle music is made out of Heir Transparent from Homestuck Vol. 6. His wind effects are from [S] Collide again.

011722: Did you know you can just straight up fucking trace shit if you wake up one morning thinking "what if.... hands?" I have discovered this to be true.
Also, while I don't believe I made any direct callbacks to it, I was definitely thinking about George Buzinkai's explanation on how she composed 'Doctor' when writing this page.

011732: Rose head asset is famously from [S] Cascade. Rose robe asset also from [S] Cascade, except John was wearing it before I coloured it orange.

011733: Did you know you can just straight up fucking trace hands etc. etc.

011760: I didn't draw the satellite, but google says it's free use so I'm probably in the moral clear here.