Honestly it might be easier to list what DOES belong to me. My suffering and regrets?

I "repurposed" as much as I could from Homestuck and the mspaintadventures.com site to put this story together. It couldn't have been made otherwise, not least - but not only - because I don't have the skill to make art assets of my own. (Or flash animations, for that matter.)

The news articles are fake, and represent my best guess about a conceivable future of Homestuck capitalism.

The mass of ideas, art, etc belongs to Andrew Hussie, creator of Homestuck and a bunch of other stuff. Other credit notes can be found on the MSPA Credit list here. A lot of people put a lot of effort into making Homestuck the unwieldy behemoth it has mutated into, and I am absolutely none of them.

(PS. I totally traced that first frog picture too, although I couldn't find the original source to link it. Basically I am p much entirely superfluous as regards this project.)

(PPS. Getting paid for anything whatsoever on this site remains a thing that isn't happening to me.)

011447: Yes, of course I am making Homestuck characters say Pratchett quotes for my amusement. Wouldn't you?

011449: I am not sure why this youtube video exists, but I AM sure it belongs here.

011456: The time travel effect is from [S] Collide and made by tumblr user toastyhat. Source is here.

011472/011473: ibid.

011518: The volume/instruction icons and text box shape were borrowed from [S] Kanaya: Return to the Core. The wind is from page 001982.

011525: blind girl has nice ass?!??!

002970retcon: Mostly I took everthing from the original. John's battle music is made out of Heir Transparent from Homestuck Vol. 6. His wind effects are from [S] Collide again.

011722: Did you know you can just straight up fucking trace shit if you wake up one morning thinking "what if.... hands?" I have discovered this to be true.
Also, while I don't believe I made any direct callbacks to it, I was definitely thinking about Buzinkai's explanation on how she composed 'Doctor' when writing this page.

011732: Rose head asset is famously from [S] Cascade. Rose robe asset also from [S] Cascade, except John was wearing it before I coloured it orange.

011733: Did you know you can just straight up fucking trace hands etc. etc.

011760: I didn't draw the satellite, but google says it's free use so I'm probably in the moral clear here.

011785: Thanks to a frame in a yt video.

011786: They also serve, who trace capybaras and then lose the image link.

011809: Music is "Play the Wind" from Homestuck Vol. 7. I did basically nothing to it.

011831: Moar [S] Collide effects by toastyhat.

011838: YES Rose Weed is a legit Meenah pun, NO you aren't going to believe me if you google it (because of "Weed"). Try "Rhodophyllis divaricata" or "Leafy Rose Weed" + "Seaweed".

011841: Stealing mountains off Super Mario World and water textures off Legend of Zelda and sprites & ground off of Homestuck... oh wait I don't gotta declare that last one. P sure we have an understanding by now.

011844: Style is based on Tobie Giddio's work except... less.

007163retcon: Everythings turning up Meenahbound. Except the John talksprite, transplanted from [S] Seer: Descend. Thanks to tumblr user thedouglastrap for giving it a test run!
But since you are here, how about some tips? Most treasure chests have 1 or 2 possible items but one has 3; there is a "trickster mode" ; John will settle on one of two walksprites depending on what you do.
Also, the music UI base is the windows media player "headspace" skin.

I00018: I am just gonna assume we've all played Undertale enough to get this super funny joke. PS, if you want to hear the sound effect give this website autoplay permissions.

I00038: The code for the interactive hyperbolic projection was done by Arnaud Chéritat, and the original with a much more comprehensible Escher tiling is found here. It is cc attribution-sharealike, so if someone wanted to reuse it they are officially welcome, although I would recommend going back to the original since I altered it slightly.

I00066: I have tried to figure out the original credit for the video but couldn't. All the news places ran segments from the same camera. It is probably an official Queen photography service. I dunno.
DISCLAIMER: I truly regret the implication that any version of AH would produce a video edit of this PARTICULAR level of shit. On the other hand, if I have to look at video editing software for one more second, I am going to grab a glass cutting tool, etch a perfect circle in my skull, carefully ease it free, reach up, and punch myself directly in my brain. So like, Deal With It (sunglasses).
DISCLAIMER: am I vastly overstepping writerly ettiquette here? Yes. BUT. It will make more sense to see what bullshit i attempt to pull in the rest of the news updates before determining by how much i am overstepping exactly. That way you can be the *appropriate* amount of annoyed with me.

I00073: Compass rose image altered from the one here.

I00074: Do not worry; this is not going to be on the test.
"The Other Side of the Sky" is a phrase from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book series. I don't know if actual Hussie read it and it doesn't matter.
The hands drawing themselves pictures are obv a goof off Escher's famous version. 3D arrow starter base from here.
Some of the ideas in this newslog were taken from Homestuck, Hussie, me, and/or are just bullshit. But the more interesting ones were borrowed from Douglas Hofstadter, and that means there is a hilarious coincidence that I can't not talk about somewhere. Hofstadter's themes and Homestuck's don't align, exactly, but I'd consider them to be part of the same philosophical conversation. Like, what is identity and reality and are platonic ideals a thing and anyway how many author self-insert characters is the minimum standard? If you have found yourself beyond HS's take on the matter, Hofstadter's take is pretty neat imo. (Although one should never trust a philosophy man who is not afraid to step onto a teleporter.)
But let me get to the funny bit ok.
Hofstadter's most famous book is "Gödel, Escher, Bach" aka "GEB" which twists around to "EGB" which Hofstadter found SO great that he invented an alternate universe version of himself and named him "Egbert". I mean, fine, I can't actually vouch for the casual directionality on why an rl dude did a thing, but fact is "Egbert" has lived a comfortable fake author life in Hofstadter's end notes and the occassional in-text example.
Which is why there is a random Homestuck fanfiction in a 1979 pulizter winning compsci textbook:

The Tortoise was invented by Zeno.
Zeno was invented by Egbert.
Egbert was invented by the Tortoise.
[... ... ...]
Of course it's possible. But there's a trick ... All three authors Z, T, E, are themselves characters in another novel-by H!
The other funny thing I guess is that Hussie and Hofstadter both live by Hofstader's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law. But honestly? Same.

aprilfools: Cascade effects, Dinosaur Comics 3595 3882 3915, ParadoxSpace.com in its new location, spongebob, misc memes and google searches. I'm tired.

011129: ht to https://nonogrammed.com/maker.php for generating the nonogram numbers for me, and google image search for finding me a picture of little cubes.

011860: john shape is from Cascade.