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This page is for anyone who put a suggestion(s) in the suggestion box and is now like... but how will I (you) know if you (me) even used that suggestion(s)? This is obviously some cagey riddle bullshit going on here with the revealed password and stuff, and I (you) just really can NOT be bothered unless I (you) have assurance the result is about me (you) specifically.

So just put in the 3 numbers that went with your suggestion, and this page will tell you what I did with it.

"What a weird way to do this" yeah well, who knows, maybe the whole numbers thing will make more sense later.


You've gotta put in an input before the answer will appear.

[BTW, this page doesn't do anything except help you make an informed decision about if it is worth your time to go back and find the mtm meenahbound trickster mode. You know the password now!]